Ray-Ban sunglasses / Anton Heunis earrings / H&M top / H&M sweater / Zara jeans / Balenciaga bag / Zara shoes

Hello Saturday! Evening that is, ha ha.. We are home in Fredrikstad for the weekend, and I’m crossing my fingers that the weather stays nice for the next couple of days. Today I’ve been to the hairdresser again, and it feels so nice to be blonder and shorter again, I love it! Hope you’re having a good weekend <3



Ray-Ban sunglasses / Lindex shirt / Chanel bag / Hermes bracelet / Hallhuber jeans / Day shoes

Hello Thursday! Can you believe it’s almost weekend again? Yes, I know I say this like every week, but the days fly by so fast I can’t even believe it. Ha ha. This week has been hectic with work, pressweek and trips to the gym. The evenings have been quiet though, luckily. Today I started my day at the gym, and after work I’m heading home to pack my bags. We are going to Fredrikstad for the weekend, and on Saturday I’m finally going to the hairdresser again. So excited!

This look is from last week btw, I love pink trees and I’m so glad I had the chance to shoot with them before they started falling off (as they have now, buuhuu..). Have a good Thursday <3




A lot of you have been asking me on Instagram how I edit my photos, so that’s why I decided to do a video about it! It’s not hard at all, super easy and you just need one other app then Instagram itself. I really do not have time to go through 3-4 apps everytime I post a photo (which is 2-4 times a day), so it needs to be easy and super quick. Hope you like it 😀




My favorite beauty items

These are my current beauty favorites, all ready for spring! I’ve gotten more and more into make-up lately, and both beauty blender, eyeshadow and highlighter is something I’ve started using the last 6 months. Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick, and I’m considering trying one from Giorgio Armani or MAC, I do love MAC lipsticks. Any suggestions?

Guerlain Mon Guerlain perfume
Bobbi Brown cheek glow palette
Real Techniques brushes
Urban Decay Naked3 palette
Urban Decay naked skin concealer
H&M brow gel



Quay Australia sunglasses / Lily & Rose earrings / H&M sweater / Levis jeans / Proenza Schouler bag / Asos mules

Hello Monday! A late hello from me, but I’ve been to work and now I’m home relaxing. Crazy thing; we woke up to snow today!! It’s the last week of April, and spring is not here at all today. So sad, ha ha, but hoping it will be better tomorrow. I have packed away all my winter clothes, so I had almost nothing to wear today!

We are spending the evening on the couch with tacos, a proper Monday, ha ha! Hope you’re having a good start to the week 😀




Another haul, moving over towards summer in this one. Even though the weather is not there at all yet here in Norway, it’s still kind of cold even for spring. Crossing my fingers it gets warmer soon! Hope you’re having a good Sunday 😀

Kimono –
Red jumpsuit – Not online
Bomber jacket –
Light blue shirt –
Striped shirt –
Grey jumpsuit –
White dress –
Jeans –
Off the shoulder top –
Suede mules –
Pink sneakers –
Flats –



Ray-Ban sunglasses / Hallhuber bomber jacket / Isabel Marant t-shirt / Chloé bag / jeans / Iconic shoes loafers

Good morning Saturday! We’ve had a slow morning at home as we always have when have a weekend in Oslo. We’re soon headed for a trip to the gym, I love being at the gym in the weekends, no rush and a lot less people. The rest of the day is spent with friends and filming a YouTube video or two. I hope you’re in for a nice weekend <3

Btw, can you see that my bomber jacket collection is growing every month? Ha ha! I have to stop soon.. The newest addition (or maybe not newest anymore, ops) is this one from Hallhuber, so pretty!



I’m absolutely not going to start blogging about fitness and health, but I though it would be fun to share with you guys simple things that makes me feel well. It’s no secret that after a week  (or a few days) with no work outs, lots of candy, unhealthy food and no routines I feel really crap about myself. I know my body hasen’t change at all during those days, but it’s just the way everything makes me feel. These are the things I do to feel good about myself and my body:

  • Get enough sleep, and the right sleep – This is so important to me. Everyone who knows me well know that I get really stressed out if I go to bed to late, and I know that I have to get up early. I need to get 8 hours of sleep every night, and it can’t be from 4 in the morning to noon the day after, it has to be from 22.30 to 06.30 in the morning, that’s my best sleep!
  • Lemon and ginger in the morning – The last months I’ve started making myself boiled water with lemon and ginger every morning to kick start the day. It does wonders for my body and my immune system.
  • Start with a healthy (and really yummy) breakfast and some coffee – I love a good breakfast, it’s my favorite meal of the entire day. I change between oatmeal and smoothies, but right now smoothies is what I make the most. And a large coffee is always needed!
  • Stay active – Staying active is so important for how I feel, the last years I’ve worked out regularly and if I don’t work out for 2-4 days I feel really crap. I know I really shouldn’t, but it’s just the energy and everything working out gives me that makes me feel so much better. So I try to get to the gym/go for a run/go for a hike at least 3-4 times a week, but I prefer 5-6 times.
  • Being productive and organized – These two goes hand in hand for me, if I’m not organized I’m not productive and if I’m not productive I can’t stay organized, so I always need to be both.
  • Eat candy and the food you want – I’m really not a diet person, if someone ever tells me to stop eating candy or chocolate or amazing food they don’t know me at all. I think it’s really important to eat what you want when you want it, in moderation of course.

What do you do to feel good about yourself?



Asos sunglasses / Lindex earrings / top / Glamorous (Asos) jeans / Chloé bag / Asos heels

Hei torsdag, og snart helg igjen! Altså, jeg skjønner nesten ikke hvordan tiden kan gå så fort. Det er jo snart mai allerede, var det ikke nettopp januar? Sånn er det når man har mye å holde på med og mye gøy som skjer. Når vi snakker om mye gøy som skjer, det ser ut til at det blir en liten helg i London på Fredrik og meg om et par uker, samt at vi i går bestilte en familietur til Dubai (den er ikke før i slutten av oktober da) og sommerferien må bestilles helst i dag. Så mye gøy som skjer fremover 😀 Håper dere vil være med på alt <3

Happy Thursday, and soon weekend again! I really don’t understand how time can fly by so fast. It’s almost May already, I feel like it was January yesterday. I guess that’s how it is when you have a lot to do and a lot of fun things happening. When we’re talking about fun things happening, it looks like Fredrik and I are going to London in a few weeks, and we also booked a family trip to Dubai yesterday (that trip isn’t until October tho) and our summer holiday needs to be booked today. So, lots of fun stuff happening 😀 Hope you wanna come along for everything <3 




Ny lookbook video er nå ute! Denne gangen med masse vårklær og ikke minst jeans. Så deilig med vår <3

New lookbook video is out! This time with lots of spring clothes and not to say jeans. I love spring <3 

Sunglasses –
Earrings –
Kimono –
T-shirt –
Jeans –
Bag –
Sneakers –

Sunglasses –
Sweater –
Jeans –
Bag –
Shoes –

Sunglasses –
Bomber jacket –
T-shirt –
Bag –
Watch –
Belt –
Jeans –
Loafers –

Sunglasses –
Earrings –
Sweater –
Jeans –
Bag –
Mules –

Sunglasses –
Shirt –
Jeans –
Bag –
Shoes –