that white suit

outfit suit white morris lady saint laurent alexander wang-0458

That white suit is the perfect addition to my wardrobe! I have showed you the pants with another top earlier, while I’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear the whole set. Our constitution day was the day, I changed into this after wearing my Bunad in the morning. I can’t wait to wear it again, I love it!

Have you had a nice day btw? Summer has really hit Oslo now, and right now I wish I was somewhere swimming in the ocean or relaxing in the sun, but I’m inside packing down parts of our apartment. It’s only three weeks left until we start moving, and I really don’t want to rush things the days before we move. So I’ve started packing already! But tomorrow I’m spending the evening outside again, that is for sure! Ha ha.


outfit suit white morris lady saint laurent alexander wang-0520outfit suit white morris lady saint laurent alexander wang-0461

outfit suit white morris lady saint laurent alexander wang-0485

outfit suit white morris lady saint laurent alexander wang-0514

outfit suit white morris lady saint laurent alexander wang-0470

SUNGLASSES : Le Specs (sponsored)

SUIT : Morris Lady (sponsored)

CLUTCH : Saint Laurent

HEELS : Alexander Wang


minmote: my swimwear favorites this summer

Ok, last Friday (1,5 week ago) I did something really fun and new. I filmed an episode with VGtv and Minmote, for their trend guide series. In the video I show you guys two of my favorite swimwear this season, and I have some tips and tricks for you. My favorites is a blue bikini from Calvin Klein and a swimsuit from Seafolly. Love it! This was so much fun to be a part of, I hope you like the video (even though it’s in Norwegian).

Speaking of swimwear, summer just arrived again here in Oslo and it feels so amazing! Tonight Fredrik and I are barbecuing in our backyard with some friends, I think that is going to happen a lot this week and summer.. That is until we move, ha ha. Hope you all are having an amazing Monday!


vlog: hair tutorial – curls


Good morning, or afternoon maybe? Ha ha. Yesterday I had such an amazing night celebrating my best friends birthday. We didn’t get home too late, but I’m still way to tired today. Now Gina and I are headed off to The Well for some lunch and spa time, but first I have to let you know that there is a new episode on my YouTube channel!

This weeks episode is a hair tutorial on how I do my everyday casual curls with a straightener from MAST. Check out the full video here!

Under is just a little preview on the video, the full video is on my YouTube channel. I really hope you guys like videos, and please let me know if you have anything special you want to see in my next episode. Just leave a comment underneath 😀 And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on YouTube if you like it!




bik bok backyard

bik bok backyard aw16 himkok-0931

Casually hanging here at a backyard party

On Thursday after work I went to a backyard party with Bik Bok, and it was so amazing! The sun was shining, we got amazing food and drinks, fantastic people and an awesome AW16 collection by Bik Bok. Really, this fall is going to be amazing at Bik Bok. So many pretty things, especially in velvet, which is one my favorite fabrics. Love it!

Here is some photos from our Thursday evening, thank you for having me Bik Bok!

photos: Marie Wolla


bik bok backyard aw16 himkok-0890bik bok backyard aw16 himkok-0894

bik bok backyard aw16 himkok-0896

bik bok backyard aw16 himkok-0943

bik bok backyard aw16 himkok-0938

bik bok backyard aw16 himkok-0898

bik bok backyard aw16 himkok-0892


two new tattoos

tattoo palm tree ink-1015

My new palm tree tattoo

Look what I’ve got! Two new tattoos! You might remember that I told you I was doing something fun with my mom last Saturday? Well, we went to take two tattoos each. I now got six tattoos in total, and I still want more. Ha ha. I took a palm tree at the backside of my upper arm and a little heart on my wrist. My mom and I took the same little heart at the same place, so that one really means a lot to me! And the palm tree I took just because I like it, and I think it looks amazing on the backside of my arm. Love it!

As I said I still want more, I think that when you first have started you will never get enough. You get kind of addicted, ha ha. My new tattoos are still healing, so they are not ending up as black as in these pictures. But a little bit more dark greyish like the clothing hanger on my wrist.

What do you think of my new tattoos?


tattoo palm tree ink-1025tattoo palm tree ink-1000


flowers and food


..and me and my outfits. Ha ha! That pretty much sums up my Instagram account these days, with some sprinkle of pretty buildings and interior. If you want to follow me you can find me at @kajamariecom. I share a little bit more of my everyday life there then what I do here on the blog. Hope to see you there 😀

This sunny Thursday has been spent at work and after work I headed to a backyard party with Bik Bok. Such a nice end to my work day! Now it’s soon dinner time, and then I want to go for a walk with my man. And I also think we have to book a trip to London, I need to go back there this summer! Miss it!



summer is back

outfit zara balenciaga vintage levis denim-0333

Hello Wednesday! I’ve had such an amazing day. It started with a early morning work out, then a day at work with a little trip to the opening of the new Triumph store. I got so much amazing underwear with me home, happy face 😀 Then I ended my day at Alice tea party and at the movies to see the new Disney film Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Now I just jumped into my sweatpants, and the rest of the evening is going to be spent at the couch. I hope you all have had a nice day!


outfit zara balenciaga vintage levis denim-0372outfit zara balenciaga vintage levis denim-0409

outfit zara balenciaga vintage levis denim-0355

outfit zara balenciaga vintage levis denim-0350

outfit zara balenciaga vintage levis denim-0396

outfit zara balenciaga vintage levis denim-0321

SUNGLASSES : Le Specs (sponsored)

TOP : Zara

T-SHIRT : Isabel Marant Etoilé

BAG : Balenciaga

WATCH : Dyrberg/Kern (sponsored)

JEANS : Vintage Levis

SHOES : Zara


my best paris tips

Another travel is over, and that means it’s time for a new travel guide from me. This time I’m sharing my best Paris tips with you guys, considered I’ve been in Paris three times. Hope you find this useful before your next trip there 😀

paris eiffeltower tour de eiffel tourist-1133


So, now I’ve been to Paris three times, and that also means I’ve stayed at three different hotels. The one I absolutely loved the most and want to recommend to you guys, is the one I stayed at this year. In April we stayed at Hotel Eugène en Ville, a cute little hotel located in the 9e arrondissement. We never tried the breakfast there, but the rooms are so cute (amazing beds) and the staff is really service minded. Another huge plus is that it’s close to almost everything you need, especially on your first or second trip to Paris. We almost walked everywhere we went, it’s located only a five minute walk from Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. I would absolutely stay here again!

outfit paris givenchy morris lady valentino-1318


If this is your first time in Paris you of course have to see the typical tourist things, like The Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysee, Arc de Triumph, Louvre and all the pretty buildings and things located everywhere. I have taken the tourist busses a couple of times when I’ve been here, and those are really worth it if you want to see a lot of Paris. They drive you around, and you can hop on and off everywhere you like. And as much as I love walking around, it’s nice to sit down every once in a while as well.

But you definitley also just walk around and explore, this city has so much to offer and there is beautiful buildings, streets and surroundings everywhere you turn. I always walk a lot when I’m here, just because it’s always something new to see!

People watching is another thing I love to do in Paris, just sit down at one of all the cafés and look at all the people that walk by. I can sit like that for hours! Ha ha.



Shopping is of course one of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling to cities like Paris. Both regular shopping and window shopping, because I have to admit, it’s a lot of pretty things out there that I can’t afford, ha ha. So just walking around in all the stores and dreaming about everything you want in your closet is also a favorite of mine!

Galleries Lafayette and Printemps is some of my favorite places to go shopping in Paris. It’s two department stores, which are located right next to each other. There is no problem at all spending a whole day at these two, so amazing! This is luxury and high end shopping without a doubt, so not at all budget friendly (but still worth a visit). The area around these two is also a huge shopping area, where both high street stores and luxury stores are located.

Champs Elysee is the really touristy street to go shopping in, but huge stores like H&M, Zara, Nike, Sephora and lots of others are located here. Down low on Champs Elysee you also find the luxury shopping street Avenue Montaigne, which is so pretty and you can find all my favorite designers here. Gucci, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Celiné and lots of others, if your looking for a new designer bag this is really the place to go!

Le Bon Marché is another favorite department store of mine. This one is a little bit smaller and less crowded then the two others, and they really have lots of amazing things. The two first summers I was in Paris I found the best sales scoops here! They also have Zara and other shops located around, so you can do a lot of shopping here as well.

As you may already know I’m a fan of outlets, and I almost go to one everywhere I travel and Paris is no exception. La Valle Village is located 50 minutes outside of Paris city centre by bus, and is a cute little outlet with brands like Valentino, Loewe, Givenchy, Celiné, Jimmy Choo, Sandro, Maje and lots of others. Both Gina and I found lots of bags at Givenchy that we really wanted, and we ended up buying one each. Ha ha. So worth a trip!

Last, but not least, is Le Marais. Here you find both cute streets, shops and restaurants. I love the Isabel Marant store that is located here! I have to admit though, I haven’t done my shopping here in this area, but you absolutely can!

paris france travel holiday-1276



Le Pain Quotidien – This is my favorite no matter where I travel, I always look for a Le Pain Quotidien. Ha ha! They have organic food, and serve both amazing breakfast and lunch. 

Marlette – I wrote a post about Marlette here! Really cute place that we just randomly came across.

ObLaDi – I wrote a post about ObLaDi here. Also a really small, cute restaurant which serves so amazing food!


Tuk Tuk Thai – This was one of the restaurants we visited our first trip to Paris two years ago. The have amazing Thai street food, and the restaurant is really cool. I’m so going back here on my next trip!

Monsiuer Bleu – This quickly became my absolute favorite restaurant on my trip here in April. The atmosphere, the location, the view, the service and the food was so amazing! I think we sat here for 4-5 hours, and that does not happen to often. I’m definitley going back!

Costes – Also a really cool restaurant, with a great atmosphere. I wasn’t that excited about the food, but everything else just kind of made up for it!

paris france travel holiday-1252



I’ve been flying with Norwegian or SAS the times I’ve been here. If you book plane tickets a long time in advance you might be lucky and get some really cheap tickets, that has happened to us two of three times. I’ve been to Paris July and April, and April is my favorite so far, I think… Spring in Paris is so amazing, and it’s the perfect temperature to walk around in. July can be kind of hot, almost to hot to walk around, but the sales in July is really worth the heat, ha ha. But spring is absolutely my favorite!


favorite thing about travelling

stockholm breakfast scandic klara travel-0149

Can you see that smile on my face? Yes, this is my face every time I get my breakfast. I’m such a huge fan of breakfast, and I of course have to tip you about every good breakfast place/hotel I find. Ha ha.

The breakfast at Scandic Klara in Stockholm last weekend was really amazing. I love it when they have lots of yoghurt, homemade granola and lot of other yummy toppings. They also had fresh fruit, pancakes and croissants, which is also very important to me. Ha ha! And coffee of course. The place where they served breakfast was so cute, it was kind of outside but with a glass ceiling over. I loved it there, and the fact that you feel like you sit outside in natural daylight is amazing. Highly recommended if your a breakfast fan as myself!


stockholm breakfast scandic klara travel-0143stockholm breakfast scandic klara travel-0152


vlog – smoothie bowl recipe

smoothie bowl recipe-0718

Hello rainy Sunday! Hope you are having a good day so far? We are staying inside all day, cleaning in all our stuff and organizing all the boxes from our loft.

I think I have finally decided that Sunday is my video blog day, that means I’ll do my best to post a new episode on my YouTube channel every Sunday. I think this is so much fun, and I have so many plans for this channel. I really hope you like it too!

In today’s episode I’m sharing one of my favorite smoothie bowl recipes, with raspberries and banana. Under you can see a little sneak peek on the video, and you can watch the full episode here. Also, I would be really happy if you wanted to tell me what you want to see in my next episode, leave a comment either here or on my YouTube channel 😀 And don’t forget to subscribe!


Smoothie bowl recipe

Sunday means a new episode on my YouTube channel! This time you can find my favorite smoothie bowl recipe 😀 To see the full video go to my YouTube channel; Kaja Marie.

And please let me know what you want to see in my next episode 😀 Leave a comment!

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