matte lip favorites from nyx


Lately I’ve gotten myself some new favorites for my lips. I have never been big on lipstick, but lipgloss is always laying in my bag wherever I go. As so many else I have started to like the matte look on the lips (the Kylie Jenner effect…), and I had heard so many good things about NYX. I of course had to try it out, and I love it!

A huge plus is that they are really cheap, and you can get them at H&M. My absolute favorite is the one I’m wearing in the photos, which is the soft matte lip cream in the color 04London. I also really like the darker one from NYX Lingerie, but I like that best when I’m dressing up and are going out for dinner or something. It’s a little to dark for me for everyday use. The pink one is my newest addition, the color is called 06Istanbul. So pretty for spring/summer!

So now there is not only lipglosses from Clarins in my bag, but there is also lip cream and lipstick from NYX.

Have you tried any of these yet?




my new favorite denim


SAY HELLO TO MY new favorite jeans. I bought these in two colors before I left to Paris two weeks ago, and I’ve used them so much since then. I bought them in this color and and in a darker denim wash, but my absolute favorite so far is these in light denim. I love the length and the cut.

Right now I’m at my dad’s place, after a very nice day with my mom. We started the day with a really sweaty work out, before we headed to our summer cabin to fix some stuff. Tonight we’ve been barbecuing, so nice that the weather is getting better. I love it! Hope you all have had a nice day off 😀


SUNGLASSES : Ray-Ban (sponsored)

JACKET : Gina Tricot

DRESS : Bik Bok

DENIM : Weekday

BAG : Proenza Schouler

SHOES : Zara


welcome to paris


WHEN I WAS IN PARIS a couple of weeks ago, I filmed some clips here and there through our trip. I had so much fun looking through the videos, and cutting it into one video.

As you might have understood, there is a new video on my YouTube channel. It’s a feelgood film from Paris, spring there is amazing! We had such a good time, and I love that I can have this video to look back at.

Here you can see a little sneak peek, to see the full video you should go check it out at my YouTube channel. Let me know if you like these kinds of videos, I’m planning on doing them on every trip I go on 😀

Click here to see the full video!

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my outfits lately

outfits lately

TIME FOR A LITTLE recap of my outfits lately. I’ve really gotten a thing for jeans again this spring, I wear them all the time. Ha ha. And I have bought so many light jeans these last months, never thought I would be that into regular light washed jeans again.

Good morning btw! After work today I’m heading home to Fredrikstad, for a long weekend with my family. It looks like the weather is going to be amazing, so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll actually be able to wear skirts without stockings this week. I have to many pretty skirts in my closet that are waiting to be worn.

Over to the outfits above again, do you got a favorite this time? Would love it if you leave a comment 😀


hello pink beauty

new in shopping givenchy obsedia pink-9244

OK, SO TWO NEW Givenchy bags in under a week, that does not happen to often. Ha ha! But Linn was selling this pretty thing when I came home from Paris, and I simply could not resist. I have loved the model ever since I saw it for the first time, and it was also time that I got myself a baby pink bag, so this was perfect.

It’s definitely a spring/summer bag, but I like how it looks with an all black outfit as well, so I’ll might have to use it during fall/winter also. Hihi. Now I have four pastel colored bags, and I think that’s enough for a while. Unless I find a really good scoop somewhere! And yes, I have a bag addiction…

What do you think of my new baby? Pretty, right? 😀

new in shopping givenchy obsedia pink-9223

inspo for my walk in closet

walk in inspo

photos: pinterest

IT’S UNDER TWO MONTHS left until we are moving in to our new apartment! I’m so excited, and one of the things I’m looking most forward to is to decorate and plan my walk in closet. We have two bedrooms in our new apartment, and the smallest one is going to be walk in closet with a cute couch that also can be used as a bed. We really need a spare bedroom as well, but I want to get more out of that room then just a bed.

I’ve been dreaming about my own walk in closet since forever, and I can’t believe that it’s actually happening. This is going to be so much fun! Right now I’m struggling deciding what kind of closet I want. I definitley want an open closet, that’s the whole point with a walk in, and I need to do something fun for my bags and shoes. I’ll of course show you how it turns out, with both before and after photos and a little video tour! So excited 😀


colors for spring

outfit givenchy mih hm monki chanel espadrilles suede-1489

SUNDAY AND THE FIRST day of May. I can’t believe how fast time flies by, I feel like it was christmas yesterday. Ha ha. What is happening? Well, May only means that summer is really close and May as a month itself is not all that bad.

I’m so happy that I just launched my new YouTube channel, so this month is going to be all about videos. I’m also going a trip home to Fredrikstad next week for five days, then I’m going to Stockholm for a weekend with my man and then our amazing national day is here. I really can’t wait for 17th of May, one of my favorite days in the entire year. So, I’m ready for May and a lot of fun things! Hope you are too 😀

outfit givenchy mih hm monki chanel espadrilles suede-1538outfit givenchy mih hm monki chanel espadrilles suede-1570outfit givenchy mih hm monki chanel espadrilles suede-1474outfit givenchy mih hm monki chanel espadrilles suede-1552outfit givenchy mih hm monki chanel espadrilles suede-1527

JACKET : Monki (sponsored)

 SUNGLASSES : Ray-Ban (sponsored)


CLUTCH : Givenchy




welcome to my new YouTube channel!

ELLE 0516 Min Stil

photo: ELLE Norge – april 2016

A NEW MONTH, and a new project! Remember that I told you I was planning on doing something new and fun? Well, here it is!

I just launched my new YouTube channel!

I’m really excited about this, and I got a lot of ideas for videos. So far I’ve posted one video, but I have a lot more to come. Under you can see a sneak peek of my first video, to see the full video click here! Hope you like it.

Since I’m pretty new to this, and this is actually the first time I’m talking to a camera (especially in English), I really need your feedback!
What do you guys want to see on my YouTube channel? 

Hope you will follow me on this journey as well! 😀 And btw, remember to subscribe to my channel if you like it!


my everyday make up favorites

beauty make up favorites everyday mac cosmetics loreal-9150

MAC studio fix fluid foundation / MAC pro longwear concealer / MAC 188 small duo fibre face brush / MAC 133 small cheek brush / MAC bronzing powder / L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Plumper

THE LAST MONTH I’ve changed my make-up routine a bit. I’ve always used only Bare Minerals, almost since I started using make-up. Ha ha. I have also tried a lot of different liquid foundations, but all of them has made my skin really bad and I always felt that I had way too much make up on.

But lately I had heard so many good things about MAC Cosmetics, so I decided to give it a try. And guess what? I absolutely love it! It covers a lot more then my old one, without feeling to heavy on the skin. And another huge plus, it stays on for the entire day. Now I can’t wait to try out their lipsticks, that’s next on my list.

beauty make up favorites everyday mac cosmetics loreal-9159

rue la fayette

outfit paris givenchy morris lady valentino-1308

photos: Gina

I’M SO IN LOVE with my new pants from Morris Lady, they are just the right amount of classic. And another huge advance, the are super comfy!

This outfit is from our last evening in Paris, we had a late dinner at Buddha Bar (which was so bad, not the food but the service, omg!) and went home after dinner. I can’t believe that Paris is already a week ago, I wanna go back! Had such a good time there with two of my best friends. But a lot of other fun stuff is on my schedule the next months as well, so I’m not complaining. Ha ha!

Have a good start to the weekend!

outfit paris givenchy morris lady valentino-1318outfit paris givenchy morris lady valentino-1353outfit paris givenchy morris lady valentino-1302outfit paris givenchy morris lady valentino-1336outfit paris givenchy morris lady valentino-1326outfit paris givenchy morris lady valentino-1296

TOP : Ellos

CLUTCH : Givenchy

PANTS : Morris Lady (sponsored)

HEELS : Valentino